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The cathedral’s collection of ancient artefacts encompass a diverse range of fascinating objects and materials, as well as large architectural statement pieces and some historic texts.

With the support of the Brotherton Library and funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund, we are bringing some of the collection to you here today.

The Library Collection

An important part of the cathedral’s heritage is its collection of medieval and early modern texts. Originally collected by the second Dean of Ripon, Anthony Higgin, the library collection contains artefacts which exemplify the breadth of human knowledge. Written in different languages across a range of topics, this collection showcases the richness of culture and heritage which has always been at the heart of Ripon Cathedral.   

Because of the historic value of this collection, these texts are now held in the Brotherton Library in Leeds to protect and conserve them. They are available to the public by appointment, however due to advances in technology, the Brotherton have been able to digitize large sections of this collection to make them even more accessible.  By having immediate access to important artefacts like these, we can now enjoy the beauty of these works and explore our own pasts in even more detail.   

Introducing the Digital Exhibition

Over the course of the Digital Volunteering project, made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, volunteers have taken a deep dive into the cathedral’s collections at the Brotherton Library. Here, their research is brought to life through digital exhibitions which highlight the intricate beauty of some of the Medieval manuscripts. Explore the exhibitions and discover how these religious texts from the past relate to faith today. 

Ripon Book of Hours

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