Life Events

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Turning Points

Turning points in life are sacred moments when we might wish to gather with friends before God. Whether this is a time of joy or sorrow, we are here to support you. Our clergy and staff will help with the preparations as well as being with you on the day. 

If you live within the parish or are part of the local and regional worshipping community, we can offer you a service. 



Baptism or christening is the way we become a member of the church and receive the gift of his Holy Spirit. It is the beginning of a lifelong journey in which we discover more about ourselves, God and his Church.

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In Christian marriage, couples celebrate love as a gift from God and enter into a commitment to each other which will hopefully be life-giving and life-long. Promises are made before God, family and friends and God’s blessing is asked for the happy couple. It is more than just a binding contract; it is a spiritual encounter. 



The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult times of our life. This is an opportunity to give thanks for the life of the one who has died and to commend their soul to God’s care in the faith of Jesus Christ. Of course, it also provides an important source of comfort for those who mourn.