Summer Organ Festival

Our magnificent pipe organ is revealed in all its glory in a Summer Organ Festival starting June 4. More on our website.

The magnificent pipe organ at Ripon Cathedral is revealed in all its glory in June, with a Summer Organ Festival, showcasing all it can do, in the stunning setting of the nave.

Director of Music Dr Ronny Krippner said: “The Summer Organ Festival aims to show the organ in all its colours and all its glory and to give it the time and the attention it deserves. It is played in concerts and in services – to accompany the choir and for voluntaries, but it has more of a serving role usually, whereas now it’s about letting it speak as a concert instrument and it’s really important to give it that opportunity.”

The setting is both intimate and grand, as the quarter of a million-pound mobile console is placed in the nave crossing with the audience around it so that they can actually see it being played; more often the organist is tucked away in the organ loft away from public view.

The festival runs on Tuesdays through June and this year, the home team – Director of Music Dr Ronny Krippner, Assistant Director of Music Tim Harper and Assistant Organist Alastair Stone will be joined by Katherine Dienes-Williams from Guildford Cathedral.

The organ was built in 1878 by T.C.Lewis of London. At that time it contained pipe work from a previous organ dated 1685, this pipework is still playable today. The organ was enlarged and enhanced by Harrison and Harrison of Durham in the early part of the 20th century.

The recitals are as follows:

Tuesday June 4 – Dr Ronny Krippner

Tuesday June 11 – Tim Harper

Tuesday June 18 – Alastair Stone

Tuesday June 25 – Katherine Dienes-Williams

Tickets from the cathedral shop or online here