Ripon Cathedral Renewed – the recent consultation

An update on the recent consultation period

During the last two months of consultation on the proposed north side development we have:

  • Offered over 500 hours of drop-in opportunities for people to see our proposals.
  • Organised 22 facilitated drop-in sessions with 17 reports written from discussions held.
  • Received over 900 comments, via written cards, on-line submissions and letters.
  • Held 12 meetings with local organisations as well as worshippers and cathedral volunteers from the city and region.

The feedback shows a 77% approval rate for the project’s progress.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultation. We value and respect the diverse opinions and concerns raised about the proposed plans and have been grateful for the opportunity to engage in meaningful and constructive conversations.

The cathedral team is now reviewing the submissions to identify opportunities for areas of creative thinking and potential practical adjustments to the north side plans, while ensuring they align with the cathedral’s overall requirements.

Conversations will then take place with planning officers. After this, we will share a further update on progress. 

Please visit the Ripon Cathedral Renewed page for further information, contact details and links to the planning portal.