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An Audio Story of a Pilgrimage to St Wilfrid's Shrine - Ripon Cathedral

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An Audio Story of a Pilgrimage to St Wilfrid’s Shrine

Listen to this short fictionalised account of a medieval pilgrimage to Ripon, undertaken by a young woman called Mary. This story has been created by Digital Volunteer Helen Rees.

November 30, 2023

Mary’s Story:
Pilgrimage, the act of travelling to a religious site, was a common religious act in the middle ages. It often involved visiting the shrine of a saint where some of their remains might be held. This short, fictionalised, account of a pilgrimage to St Wilfrid’s shrine in Ripon will explore what happened on a pilgrimage, and encourage you to consider what emotions medieval people may have felt. In it, you will follow Mary, a young woman, as she travels to Ripon and into the crypt of St Wilfrid. Pilgrimage is still a very important part of religious life for many today, and a way for people to immerse themselves in their faith. Ripon Cathedral is still a site of pilgrimage; as you listen, consider if and how pilgrimage might help you strengthen your own personal faith, and how your emotions would play into this.

Listen here:

All the sounds in this audio were accessed from, and accessed under a Creative Commons 4.0 license or a Creative Commons 1.0 license. All credit goes to the users Timbre, echobones, platypusva, arnaud-coutancier, newlocknew, matrixxx, straget, klankbeeld, reinsamba, aquillx, leonelmail, thatkellytrna, quadraslayer, joano_janz, innov8ting, giovanniprovenzale, inchadney, psykophobia, halfofthesky, fredericfont. Script written, recorded and edited by Helen Rees.